1. Health Check

We combine industry expertise with a unique platform to simplify complexity and make quantifiable improvements

Step A

UMS Client Platform ™

– Agree scope and diarise workshops
– Our chat bot asks you key questions
– Industry definitions and examples

Step B

UMS Diagnostic Engine ©

– Automated scoring of each question
– Analytics of each rule and standard
– Quantification of improvements

Step C

Insightful Dashboards

– Ratings and improvement themes
– Actions aligned to rules & standards
– Framework, process & control scores

2. Consultancy

We support you close gaps and meet industry best practice

3. Subscription

Alerts & ongoing expert support

Step A

UMS Organisational Blueprint ©

– Organisation design & effectiveness
– Risk & control self assessments
– Controls definition and ownership

Step B

Uplift & Remediation

– Support for the closure of gaps
– Uplifting to industry standards
– Accountability & reducing silos

Step A


– Ongoing maintainence & support
– Alerts to new rules and standards
– Industry best practice benchmarking