Unified Global is a London based consultancy that disrupts markets through simplification & robotics


We simplify complexity, unify the disparate and bring transparency to the opaque for our clients


We analyse and replace outdated approaches with new innovative automated systems and platforms


Our objective is to automate the consulting market to gain significant market efficiencies and reduce cost

Solving Regulatory Complexity

Our consulting service is supported by a platform that simplifies complex global regulations and industry standards


ORI Auto Consultant™
– Engaging Chatbot approach
– Propritary copyrighted code


R&IS Diagnostic Engine™
– Scores gaps to rules & standards
– Intelligent automated analytics


OPRes Blueprint ©
– Ideal organisational design
– Builds resilience, breaks silos

Saving time

– Reduces manual detailed analysis
– Avoids regulatory mapping activity
– Frees up teams to focus on strategy

Saving money

– Questionnaire to plan within a week
– An auto consultant at your fingertips
– Low cost subscription based model

Reducing censure

– Derived from rules & standards
– Transparent, auditable, measurable
– Horizon scans & alerting to change